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Two Suspects In Custody After Feds Raid San Jose Meth Lab

SAN JOSE (CBS SF) --  U.S. Department of Homeland Security investigators discovered a meth conversion lab at San Jose home Friday morning.

Investigators entered the residence with a search warrant around 7:15 a.m. near East Julian and North 20th streets after finding evidence that the home was being used as a narcotics processing lab.

"There's a large amouAdd Newnt of methamphetamine that has been already been located," said Patrick Vanier, supervisor of narcotics for the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office. "The amounts have not been determined yet, but this has been a sizable operation. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of methamphetamine was coming to and from this location."

Those amounts were based on initial estimates from the ongoing investigation. Two suspects have been detained.

Vanier said the operation has all the fingerprints of a Mexican-drug cartel.

"Labs like this are consistent with a Mexican-national drug cartel and the conversion of methamphetamine from the unrefined to the refined crystal methamphetamine and that's absolutely consistent based upon my experience with a cartel-narcotics based distribution operation."

Two children within the home were placed in Child Protection Services.



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