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Tubbs Fire Survivor's Home Under Construction Trashed By Dozens Of Partying Teens

SANTA ROSA (KPIX 5) -- A Tubbs Fire survivor just weeks away from moving back into her brand new home suffered another setback as dozens of partying teens were caught on camera breaking into the home and eventually trashing it.

When the owners had locked up and left for the day, the security system indicates that it was only five minutes later when vandals broke into the home last Friday night.

The Fountain Grove house is still under construction from the devastating Tubbs Fire. In surveillance video, two women are seen approaching the rear of the house, where it is believed they found an unlocked window.

The homeowner, who only wanted to known as Rosemary, believes once inside, the women declared what's known as a "bootleg party" via social media.

Rosemary says dozens of people soon arrived and the destruction began.

"There are holes in the floor. We have an armchair that was taken and thrown down the stairs," she said.

Santa Rosa House Destroyed By Partying Teens
The mess left behind by the partying teens (Photo: Homeowner Rosemary)

The chair smashed, walls and ceilings on the way down, non-working bathroom toilets filled with vomit, closets covered in urine, empty, broken liquor bottles scattered across the floor.

"I looked and it was just…it was just…destroyed! I mean there was broken glass, alcohol bottles. The whole house smelled of pot!" Rosemary exclaimed.

Rosemary isn't the only one to be attacked--another Fountain Grove homeowner, Emily, lives nearby. Her house is completed but she was away for one night when a similar house horror happened to her.

"There was broken glass all over my bedroom. My mattress was turned around. There were condoms in my bed. There were condom wrappers in my home," she said.

Santa Rose police are not commenting about the invasions except to say that an investigation is ongoing.

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