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Trump Hotels Considering Expansion Into San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Even as President Trump discussed an executive order that would block federal funds to sanctuary cities, officials with his hotel management company on Wednesday outlined major new plans including a possible new Trump Tower in San Francisco.

Trump Towers can already be seen in the skylines of several cities across the county.

At a hotel investment summit in Los Angeles, Trump Hotel CEO Eric Danziger told a crowd that the company is considering opening luxury properties in Dallas, Seattle and Denver in addition to San Francisco.


Trump still has holdings in Trump Hotels even though he's not a member of company leadership, though that made little difference to the San Francisco officials KPIX 5 talked to.

"What a joke! You know on the same day that Donald Trump is on the national media on television talking about penalizing and taking money away from cities such as San Francisco -- actually highlighting San Francisco --  is the same day that his company comes out and says they want to build a hotel here?  Good luck with that," said San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell.

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Farrell, the chairman of the city's land use committee, said projects are often rejected for far less controversy.

"There are examples every single month inside of City Hall of people not being able to put windows, replace their windows on the outside of their buildings because it doesn't meet with some form of code; projects getting denied because of neighborhood oppositions," explained Farrell. "This would be true citywide opposition."

Anand Singh, the president of the local hotel workers' union, also could foresee issues

"We don't see the distinction between Trump hotels and the President himself," said Singh.

Even if a trump hotel was union friendly, it would still be a problem.

"It's also important that he respects the values that the city really does espouse, including protection of immigrant workers including protection of LGBT and of Muslims," explained Singh.

Farrell told KPIX 5 those values are important. He also mentioned another consideration.

"Plus, his hotels are incredibly ugly and gaudy. Why would we want that in the city of San Francisco?" Farrrell asked.

KPIX 5 reached out to London Breed, the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, for comment as well.

She issued a brief statement about a possible Trump hotel: "Maybe we can set him up with a nice room in Alcatraz."

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