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Total Lunar Eclipse Wows Bay Area Observers

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) -- The Super Flower Blood Moon seen in the sky from the Bay Area early Wednesday is a rare astronomical trifecta: a full moon, a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon.

Every full moon is has a name based on historical observations. Traditionally, people see more flowers blooming in May, thus the Flower Moon. Corn is also planted during May so this full moon may be referred to as the Corn Planting Moon.

A supermoon occurs when full moon is closest to the earth during its orbit. Wednesday's supermoon will be the closest to the earth for 2021.

Just as wolves don't appear everywhere during January's Wolf Moon, the Blood Moon does not bleed. Blood describes the reddish color of the moon as the sun's light bends in the earth's atmosphere during a total lunar eclipse when the earth sits directly between the sun and moon.

Unlike a solar eclipse, there's no harm in looking at an eclipsed moon.

More lunar shows are on the horizon.

"For people who might feel like we're missing out, set your calendars for Nov. 19 of this year," Petro said. This will be a nearly total eclipse where the moon dims but doesn't turn red.

The next total lunar eclipse will be May 2022. The last one was January 2019.

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