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Top 10 Sandwich Spots In The Bay Area

In celebration of one of the most awesome things to munch on, RadioAlice's own Marcus D. has compiled a list of his 10 Favorite sandwich spots in the Bay Area.

Dig in! And let us know your favorite Bay Area sandwich spot in the comments:

10. Los Gatos Meats & Smokehouse
575 University Avenue
Los Gatos

Almost all of the products served at Los Gators Meats and Smokehouse are made in house, and bread is delivered fresh daily. Try one of their specialties, "The Super Hero"; it's tri-tip, cheddar cheese, Bacon and Avocado. Are you hungry yet?
9. I.B. Hoagies
1601 San Pablo Avenue

2513 Durant Avenue


You can smell the garlic fries before you even walk in the door, which is a definite plus. IB's is generous with their portions, and you can never go wrong with a classic cheese steak sandwich.

8. Darby Dan's
733 Airport Boulevard
South San Francisco

Darby Dan's has been around for a while, and they are still just as good. The ladies who take your order are efficient and fast, they keep the line moving. Marcus' pick: the garlic jalapeno spread is a must!

7. CJ's Gourmet Delicatessen
290 Primrose Road

With a friendly staff, CJ's offers a wide variety of sandwiches for you to choose from. The Dutch Crunch bread is a crowd favorite, along with the #21 Chickin' Lickin'.

6. Mangia e Bevi
1559 S Novato Blvd # C2

Mangia e Bevi is a 100% Italian Deli. They offer amazing sandwiches, cold cuts, and Italian pastas. Add some prosciutto or slap some sun-dried tomato spread on your sandwich. (Mangia e Bevi also used to own Sorrento's in San Francisco)

5. Morucci's Si Mangia Bene
1218 Boulevard Way
Walnut Creek

Fresh ingredients, a friendly staff make Morucci's Si Mangia Bene a must-stop in Walnut Creek. Not only do they offer some amazing sandwiches, but you can grab some soup or fresh-brewed coffee. The number 6 and 1/2 is a notorious crowd-pleaser.

4. Freshly Baked
152 North 3rd St # 101
San Jose

The name says it all. Freshly Baked serves fresh sourdough every day filled with whatever your heart desires in a sandwich. The staff is pleasant, the only drawback, they're cash only!

3. Little Lucca's
724 El Camino Real
South San Francisco

Generous portions is an understatement. These yummy sandwiches are HUGE! And Little Lucca's sells their delish sammies for a very very reasonable price. They have multiple locations, and an amazing garlic spread! Just don't wait too long, sometimes they sell out of bread and close early.

2. Roxie Food Center
1901 San Jose Avenue
San Francisco

Roxie's has been around for a long time. You know how you can tell? Just take a look at the walls, lined with pictures from hundreds (not an exaggeration) of regular customers. Famous for their Dutch Crunch roll, every sandwich will be toasted to perfection with the tastiest of choices.

1. Ike's Place
3489 16th Street
San Francisco

Ike's, which now has locations at Stanford and on the SFSU Campus, is downright amazing. Tons of choices make up the massive menu, including vegan options and gluten-free bread. You can download the Ike's app and order your sandwich from your phone! Don't forget to lather it up with some "dirty sauce", Ike's secret sauce recipe. You need to try it! Actually, try them all.

So find a reason to get out and try a new spot, or hit up your favorite. Either way enjoy this entire month of sandwiches and all their goodness!

Amber Ortiz - Staff Writer

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