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Thousands of Low-Income Bay Area Kids Get Free School Supplies

Federal stimulus money is helping 150,000 low income Bay Area students get bags full of school supplies. The first kits went out in San Francisco Thursday morning.

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Every single student at Bret Hart Elementary School in the city's Bayview District got a tote bag full of school supplies for free.

The Oakland non-profit K to College put together 150,000 bags for low-income students in San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties.

Bret Hart Principal Vidrale Franklin says that it means a lot to her students, 90 percent of whom are low-income.

"If they have nothing to work with, we can give them all of the books and worksheets and journals that we can, but if they don't have a pencil they can't do anything," said Franklin.

$3.5 Million of the $10 million cost came from federal stimulus money, with the rest funded by company matches.

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