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Thieves Smashing Up Vallejo Dental Offices To Steal Laughing Gas

VALLEJO (CBS 5) - Vallejo Dental Offices have been targeted in recent weeks by a series of smash-and-grab crimes targeting tanks of nitrous oxide.

The so-called "laughing gas" is state regulated, and comes in 100 pound tanks. It is commonly used at offices specializing in children's dentistry.

"It really helps the kids. It gives them a nice feeling of euphoria," said Liz Donaldson of Vallejo Children's Dentistry.

At Donaldson's office, the thieves who have broken in to steal the gas tanks-three times in the past week alone. She said they've had gas stolen before, usually around high school graduation time, but this spree seems more targeted.

"This rash is completely different. This is with a vengeance," said Donaldson.

Nitrous Oxide is a controlled substance and can easily be over-dosed.

"We mix it with oxygen, so, I have no idea what they're doing with it," said Donaldson. "If they don't know, they're crazy. You can die."

The tanks at Donaldson's office will be removed at night while security is being beefed up. And Vallejo police are keeping a close eye on the place.

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