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The Very Best BBQ I've Ever Had...

We've asked some of our CBS Radio and TV Personalities what their absolute favorite dishes are! We asked "Where do they go for THE Very Best…?" In celebration of Memorial Day, we asked "Where do you go for THE Very Best BBQ?" Here's what some of them had to say!

Mesquite Grilled Lobster
Lobster tails. (CBS)

Roberta Gonzales
CBS 5 & KCBS Weather Anchor

My Backyard!

"My husband Randy Hahn is the "Master of His Grill! His specialty is "Beer Soaked Pork Ribs". But, because I do not eat meat, my husband is kind enough to mesquite grill lobster for me. It is DIVINE!!!"


Mike Sugerman
CBS 5 & KCBS Reporter

Everett & Jones Barbeque
4 Bay Area Locations

"Their barbeque sauce is my secret weapon. You could put it on cardboard and it would taste fantastic."

Gorilla Barbeque

St. John
Afternoons 2pm-7pm on 99.7 Now

Gorilla Barbecue
2145 Cabrillo Hwy
Pacifica, CA 94044
(650) 359-7427

"Gotta be Gorilla BBQ in Pacifica...Close to my place...(always a plus)...Of course the ribs are fantastic...but it's really all about the sauce!!!"


Evenings 7pm-12m on 99.7 Now

Kinder's Custom Meats & Deli
11 Bay Area Locations (3 listed)

"I got some East Bay friends and every time we go to a Raiders Game, we would stop by Kinder's and then we'll tailgate with some tri-tips!!"

Big Nate's BBQ

Producer on 99.7 Now

Big Nates BBQ
1665 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 861-4242

"It's really all about Nate's BBQ! I go to Nate's right at 11:30am, right when they open up. That's when they've been cooking all night and it would be the best! Hot off the oven!"

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White Menace
Weekdays 5:30am-10am & 10am- 12noon On Live 105

Blue Rock BBQ
3001 Meridian Avenue
San Jose, CA 95124
(408) 978-2583

"If you love BBQ and you love sandwiches, this is the perfect combination. Hickory smoked pulled-pork, served on a grilled bun with homemade BBQ sauce. Another thing that I like to do for a side is have their delicious cornbread topped with cheese."

>>> Find out's picks as the Best Bay Area BBQ Joints!

- Ron D.

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