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The L.A. Complex's Dirty Secrets

The L.A. Complex - "Down In L.A."
Chelan Simmons as Alicia (credit: Stephen Scott/Courtesy of Epitome Pictures Inc./The CW)

SAN FRANCISCO (THE CW) - Exciting news! We have the inside scoop on the new CW show The LA Complex, and boy oh boy is it juicy! The show centers around six friends, slumming it in a motel, each searching for their place in the LA spotlight.

The first is Raquel, an "older" (older in LA terms, that is) woman looking for her big comeback role. But don't let her age fool you. She is quite the little vixen (cougar!!!). Next is Alicia. Alicia is a dancer with loose morals. This girl has talent and she's willing to go the extra mile ;) . Nick is the comic relief. He's funny, cute and unfortunately a totally flop with the ladies. Tariq the intern is great in the recording studio. He has the talent but is stuck picking up burgers and dry-cleaning. Every good show needs a guy with an accent. Connor, the man from down under, has the body, face and sexy voice to get him whatever he wants. And finally, we have Abby. This girl finds big problems in this big city, but is willing to do whatever it takes to see her name in lights.

The show will surprise you, scene after scene. Each character offers so much to the story. It's not about some pretty kids looking for their big break in Hollywood, or the reality-TV-drunk-chicks yelling in a club. This show has real drama, stories we deal with in real life far, far away from LA. There is so much to talk about. The show premieres on April 24. Keep your tweeting machines handy people, there will be so much to discuss!

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