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The Face Of Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Case Not Losing Sleep As He Awaits Decision

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A man who may well become a household name, written about in history books as the face of the same sex marriage cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, shared his story in San Francisco on Wednesday.

Jim Obergefell of Cincinnati is the plaintiff in Obergefell v Hodges, one of four same sex marriage cases the Supreme Court has consolidated under his name. He sued because Ohio refused to recognize his marriage to his longtime partner, who died of Lou Gehrig's disease not long after they wed in Maryland, because same sex marriage is not legal in Ohio.

"It still doesn't seem real. It's sinking in and I'm not sure it will really hit me until that ruling comes out," Obergefell said.

The ruling is likely to come on June 29 or June 30. Unlikely many supporters and opponents of same sex marriage, Obergefell said he is not losing sleep waiting for the high court to decide the case.

"I'm not really on pins and needles. Worrying about it and thinking about it isn't going to affect that decision or change that decision," Obergefell said. "All I can do is continue my fight, talk about my husband, talk about why we deserve to be treated equally. And when that decision comes out, it will be what it is. I am very hopeful that we're getting good news."

The Supreme Court is considering whether states have the right to outlaw gay marriage, and even if they do, whether they must honor marriages performed in states that do allow it.

The court heard oral arguments in April. Obergefell met with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and local gay rights activists on Wednesday.

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