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Bay Area Redefines 'Super Bowl' -- A Look At What's In Store For 2016's Super Bowl 50

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- It's time to turn the page from Super Bowl XLIX to Super Bowl 50. It is the sports world's definition of BIG and next year... it's going to be even bigger, here in the Bay Area.

Even the look of the name is brand new. Out with the old Roman numerals. In with the five and the zero. This is Super Bowl 50 and it's all about the Bay Area. According to the folks planning this party, the Bay Area is going to redefine the Super Bowl.

"Super Bowl 50 is a milestone event and that's not lost on the NFL," says Keith Bruce, CEO of the San Francisco Super Bowl Host Committee. "One of the things that we wanted to do was use Super Bowl 50 to unite and invite the Bay Area like no event ever has."

Bruce's job is to put together a party for seven million people, even before the actual game is viewed by 100 million more. KPIX 5 and CBS are the broadcasters for 2016's Super Bowl 50.

That means spreading things out. So, while the game will be played in Santa Clara, the week-long party will be centered in San Francisco.

Bruce says that's a lot like what was done in New York for Super Bowl XXXVIII.

"The lion's share of activities was in Manhattan, but the game was in East Rutherford."

And what they're planning for San Francisco is truly super-sized.

"We expect over a million fans to flow through our fan village… and they're going to do a lot."

Check out the video: Super Bowl 50 Redefined

Super Bowl 50 Redefined by Channel1 on Vimeo

Super Bowl 50 Redefined from Channel1 on Vimeo.

For one full week, a huge chunk of downtown will become the center of the football universe.

"Imagine this completely transforming into - not necessarily a football field - but a celebration of football," said Bruce looking at an area on a map of downtown San Francisco bordered by the Moscone Center, Howard Street between 3rd and 4th streets, and Yerba Buena Gardens.

That's where the NFL Fan Experience will be. There, visitors will be able to pass, catch, kick, meet, greet, game, browse, swipe and buy.

"Think of that as an interactive theme park for professional football," said Bruce.

And in a Super Bowl 'first', Bruce says this party will actually go on the road. "We want to bottle that - capture that - and take it on tour."

The tour, when scheduled, would hit all nine Bay Area counties, where you can check out all eight Bay Area Lombardi trophies. There are five from the 49ers, and three from Raiders.

So while it may be only one game, played in one stadium, Bruce says Super Bowl 50 is going to be everywhere.

"Whether you live in Napa and Sonoma to the north, or Santa Clara or Monterey to the south, and everywhere in between, we want to get the news out that Super Bowl 50 is coming."

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