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Texts Reveal Officers Warned Teen Prostitute In OPD Sex Scandal About Undercover Operations

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) -- There are new allegations from the woman at the center of a sex scandal that has rocked the Oakland Police Department.

At first it was believed the scandal mostly involved sex, and possibly statutory rape involving officers. Now there is evidence pointing to police allegedly giving the teenage prostitute undercover operation intel.

The 18-year-old girl goes by the name "Celeste Guap," and admits she's slept with two dozen officers from various police departments.

Celeste Guap
Celeste Guap. (CBS)

Guap told KPIX she had sex with 14 officers from Oakland Police Department, 5 from the Richmond Police Department, 3 Alameda County Sheriff's deputies and one Livermore cop.

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She says in exchange some officers gave her protection and tipped her off about undercover operations while she was working as a prostitute.

Guap has a cell phone screen shot showing her text conversation with an Oakland cop who goes by the nickname "Superman."

Superman wrote, "Be safe today. Want some advice?"
Celeste replied, "Tell me handsome."
The cop said, "Stay off east 14, from Fruitvale to 42 tonight. There's a UC operation." meaning undercover prostitution sting.
Celeste wrote back, "Damn, lol."
The officer said, "No you're not. Just giving you a heads up."
She flirted by saying, "Thank you daddy. I appreciate it. I don't wanna go to jail. Lol."

In another text conversation with a different Oakland officer, Celeste asked the officer:

"Is it gonna be hot in Oakland tonight?" (In other words, will there be any undercover operations targeting prostitutes.)
The officer wrote, "Yup, who told u?"
Celeste replied, "Nobody, that's why I'm mad."
The officer said, "I told you last night, or I tried to. But you were drunk."

"At the time, I was happy, you know, like wow, you know, these men in uniform, you know, giving me protection, you know. Like it was mutual," says Guap.

Out of the two dozen officers she had sex with, she says she slept with three of them when she was a minor. All three were with the Oakland Police Department.

The sex started when she was just 16. She says some of the officers would introduce her to other fellow officers, basically passing her around, mostly via Facebook and Instagram.

She revealed another text conversation with another Oakland officer after she sent him a picture showing her having sex with someone else.

The officer asked, "You enjoy that? Or was that a old pic."
Guap said, "Lol. That was like a month ago. It was coo. I'm sure you would be better."
The officer wrote back, "I know I could. I'm not gonna lie. Kinda hot seeing you having sex. How often do you be having sex with officers?"

Guap says the sex all happened while the officers were off-duty, sometimes in their personal cars, sometimes in hotel rooms. Some of the officers were married.

She's now co-operating with investigators. So far, the Oakland and Richmond police departments have launched internal investigations.

"thinking back about it, I thought wow, they cared about me," says Guap. "Thinking back at it, yeah, I do see myself as a victim. Because I do feel like I was taken advantage of."

Asked if she plans to sue the Oakland police department, Guap says she thought about it, but hasn't made up her mind. She says she doesn't want to because her mother and her stepdad are OPD dispatchers and work with these officers.

UPDATE: Several agencies implicated in the sex scandal have issued responses to allegations of police misconduct.

On Saturday, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf issued the following statement:

"We continue to be disgusted and outraged by the idea that anyone could abuse an underage victim of sexual exploitation – particularly those who have sworn to uphold the law and protect our communities; we are sickened to think anyone could even know of such abuse and not bring that information forward.

Our highest priority is to hold those responsible for wrongdoing fully accountable and remove them from positions where they are offending the public trust; anything that impedes these outcomes is counterproductive and compromises justice.

We acknowledge that recent news accounts have revealed a number of details pertaining to the ongoing investigation of disturbing criminal acts and misconduct by current and former Oakland Police Officers and other law enforcement personnel. These news reports also contain information we believe is inaccurate.

We will disclose all allowable details of this investigation, including the accuracy of recent news reports, once such disclosure will no longer impede our ability to reach the truth and secure the strongest judgments against those responsible.

The City Administrator, Interim Chief Fairow and I want to assure the public that we have dedicated extraordinary resources to this complex investigation, that it is proceeding well, and that we are doing everything we can to ensure it will result in the most serious punishment and consequences allowable by law.

Additionally, we have involved other law enforcement agencies wherever appropriate, and have established several layers of independent review to assure the public of our thoroughness and impartiality.

I wish to express my appreciation to Interim Chief Fairow, who has hit the ground running and recognizes the importance of this investigation."

Richmond Police Department says they are investigating several officers after learning their connection with Guap.

Alameda County Sheriff's office said it looked into one deputy who exchanged Facebook messages with Guap but because she was 18, they found no evidence of anything illegal. Officials went further to say, "If Ms. Guap or anyone else comes forward with allegations of illegal activity on the part of our deputies, we will investigate those allegations completely and thoroughly."

Stockton Police said they know of no investigations into any of their officers.

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