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San Francisco's Proposed Tent City Law Heads To November Ballot

KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- San Francisco's so-called tent city law is now headed to the November ballot.

Voters will decide the fate of an initiative by San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell to allow authorities to remove a homeless encampment.

Farrell submitted the ballot initiative Tuesday which was the deadline for submitting those measures which don't get passed by board members. Another ballot measure submitted at the deadline was one to tax sugary drinks.

Under the proposed tent city law, homeless people being removed from an encampment must be given 24-hour written notice, and the offer of a shelter bed, or other form of housing.

Farrell's measure would allow the city to seize the personal property of people living in camps, which it would be required to hold it for 90 days, except if the property presented a health or safety risk.

The city could dispose of the property if it's not claimed within that time.

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