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Teens in stolen car arrested Vallejo after police chase

PIX Now - Morning Edition 6/11/24
PIX Now - Morning Edition 6/11/24 11:00

Three juveniles were arrested over the weekend after they led Vallejo officers on a pursuit using an alleged stolen car, police said Monday.

Vallejo police said that on Saturday, one of its officers saw a 2008 Toyota Yaris run a red light at the intersection of Solano Avenue and 14th Street. The officer tried to pull the car over, but its driver allegedly failed to yield and began a vehicle pursuit.

The driver and two passengers quickly exited the vehicle in the 400 block of Pepper Drive. According to police, the driver failed to park the car properly so it rolled and crashed into a residential garage.

The officer was able to catch the driver on foot, detaining him. He then realized the suspect was a juvenile armed with an unserialized firearm, police said.

With help from the American Canyon Police Department and the Solano County Sheriff's Office, Vallejo police were able to apprehend the other two suspects, who were also juveniles.

Police said that a records check of the vehicle revealed it was registered to a Fairfax address. The Fairfax Police Department contacted the owner, who was reportedly unaware that her vehicle was allegedly stolen.

According to Vallejo police, the suspect driver and one of the passengers were both on felony probation at the time of the alleged theft.

 Two of the suspects were transported to a juvenile detention facility, while the other one was cited and released to his family on suspicion of willfully resisting, obstructing, or delaying peace officers.

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