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Tech Watch: PlayStation 4 Set For Launch

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) - The first all-new PlayStation in seven years is about to debut on Wednesday, and gaming will be only part of the story.

The PS4 will be unveiled months ahead of its expected shipping date, but just in time to give us a glimpse of how game consoles are dropping their first name.

Here are some of the hot rumors around the PS4:

- Second screen support might connect to either a tablet, smartphone or Sony PlayStation Vita to give you a second display that is integral to the game play on the main screen. This is being done with DVD and web streaming space already and is a very hot topic.

- Streaming TV service and/or DVR would allow the new PlayStation to become more of a living room all-arounder than just a game console. With Sony's already substantial content ownership, the rumors that it will also unveil a new Hulu/Netflix killer in streaming seems at least plausible.

- More cloud gaming support is a given, as gaming is moving away or least in conjunction with cloud-based and streaming content, collaboration and settings portability.

- A new controller that integrates a touchpad, LCD screen or even a biometric controller is one of the most tantalizing rumors out there, but it's been three generations -- the PlayStation's entire history -- since the iconic Sony controller has had a re-do and it seems ripe for one.


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