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Tech Shuttle Stop Hub Idea Floated To Ease Congestion On San Francisco Streets

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Tech shuttles are crowding San Francisco streets as traffic tangles with Muni buses.

And a rise in rents where there are stops.

Now a solution is in the works that's been an idea floating around city hall – creating tech shuttle hubs, moving hundreds of stops around the city into central locations.

Supervisor David Campos likes the idea of about a dozen hubs around the city.

He says residents have been complaining that tech shuttles are crowding their residential streets.

"Even if it means having to take a bus or walk farther…is what it means to be a good socially responsible citizen," Campos said.

But, according to a new SFMTA study, a commuter shuttle hub system would lead to tech workers opting to just drive to work.

"It would probably add more cars to the streets and less people would take the shuttles and it could be less safe because more cars would be on the road," SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose said.

The SFMTA board reviewed the study Tuesday, finding that under the plan, tech worker car usage would increase by 24 to 45 percent.

"I would hope it is not as bad as it is projected. To the worker who is going to be inconvenienced, I would hope that they don't get into their car," Campos said.

The SFMTA board won't make a decision on the hub idea until next year.

But for now, they say the pilot program, in which they have issued citations to shuttles on restricted streets is working.

The SFMTA says there's been a 91 percent decrease of number of shuttles operating on restricted streets.

"We don't have control over whether or not commuter shuttles operate in SF, but what we can do is regulate in how they use the streets," Rose said.

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