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Tech Report: Microsoft's Surface Tablet Brings The Keyboard Back

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— While the popularity of tablets continues to grow, their design is continuing to evolve. This week, Microsoft unveiled the new Surface tablet computer that features a keyboard and a built-in stand.

Comparatively, people can buy a case for their iPad with a keyboard, but this is a feature coming from Microsoft. One is an ultra-thin 3mm keyboard. The other is a higher quality keyboard from a typing standpoint that's a bit thicker and has a very innovative design.

Microsoft calls the Surface, "A PC that's a great tablet and a tablet that's a great PC." While I'm skeptical on the "great" part, it is a good thing for a lot of people that want to take notes and do some writing with a lightweight device.

KCBS Tech Report:

As some of you may know there are two different models— Windows RT, sort of a light version of Windows that only runs the special metro lightweight apps, and then there's the version that runs the metro apps, plus the Windows desktop apps like Microsoft Office. The so called deluxe version is what you'd get with the Surface that has the slightly bigger keyboard.

I don't know the price yet, but it's much lighter and probably cheaper than your average laptop and a lot of people might find it adequate for their work use.

Some of the iPad covers available also serve as keyboards that couple with Bluetooth, basically accomplishing the same thing that Microsoft is offering.

A friend of mine who works for Time Magazine only carries an iPad and a keyboard flash case, so there's no reason why you couldn't be productive.

Personally, I still carry a laptop. Call me old fashioned, but I want the power of a full operating system.

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