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Tech Report: Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet, A Hefty-Priced Hybrid

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Microsoft's much talked about Surface Pro 3 tablet is out and is faring pretty well compared to its predecessors, which have been out for up to 18 months.

I wasn't very happy with its first iteration. It wasn't even something I would consider to be a laptop. It was a tablet with an attachable keyboard that flopped all over the place. You couldn't even use it on your lap.

Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet, A Hefty-Priced Hybrid

The flimsy keyboard has been fixed; you can put it on your lap and it stands firm. They have a new kickstand that allows you to put the device at any angle and the trackball is improved.

The marketing claim here is that this is the tablet that can replace your laptop. I actually don't think that's too audacious of a claim. Some key things if you're thinking of investing in this tablet: You should like Windows 8.1 and touch-screen interfaces. If you're all set with that, this could be the tablet/ hybrid for you.

The pricing is kind of high, because at $799 that doesn't even include the keyboard, which is an option for $130 more.

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