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Tech Report: Microsoft Missing At This Year's CES In Vegas

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — This year's Consumer Electronics Show was the first one without a keynote address by Microsoft. The software giant's diminished presence at the Las Vegas trade show has many questioning how long an event dedicated to hardware can stay relevant.

I think it was unwise decision for Microsoft to pull out since they just launched Windows 8. They left it up to Intel and all the other manufacturers to promote their operating system, which needs a lot of promotion.

But one could argue that you don't need a trade show like this anymore. Companies such as Apple have their own shows and conduct press conferences that gain plenty of attention. However, after having spent four days on the floor, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how useful this event was.

Tech Report: Microsoft Missing At This Year's CES in Vegas

Had I not been there, I probably would have found out about 4K TV anyway (I did already know about them), but being immersed in it gave me an idea of why I don't think they're ready for prime time. So, overall I think it's a good idea to have trade shows like this; it's not certain if individual companies come out ahead.

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