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Survivor Castoff Libby Vincek Speaks Out

"Survivor: Ghost Island" is down to 11 contestants as Libby Vincek got voted out a Tribal Council this week. Libby had many strong friendships and was seen as a threat to win by some some of the other contestants. In the end, those things and a few other circumstances ultimately were the reason why her torch was extinguished.

Libby talked with CBS Local about why she got voted off, her Survivor experience and who she wants to win.

Why do you think you were voted off?

Libby Vincek: I believe I was voted off because I bonded with too many people. Making genuine connections with people made me a threat to the ones I wasn't as strong too, which made me a threat long term. If people start thinking you can win the whole thing, that you're strong enough and smart enough, there's an instant target on your back. A ditzy blonde isn't a threat to anyone,  a smart one is.

What was the greatest challenge of the game?

LV: The social game, accepting people talking about you and going against you, while you work to "win them over" is very challenging on a personal level. I gained more trust and confidence in myself through all of it because that along with my faith was all I truly had out there.

What will you miss the most about Survivor?

LV: The simplicity of life out there outside of the game. The game is hard, but to be honest, I loved living out on the island. It sounds crazy, but it was really an interesting way of life. I mean maybe with a bit more food, but it's paradise.

Who would you like to see win now that you're gone?

LV: Michael. He works hard for the bonds he sees are important, is playing the game in an intelligent way, and is really trying to be a good person while playing. I am rooting for him.

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