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Sudden Closure Of Popular Denny's In Campbell Has Locals Wondering About Future

CAMPBELL (KPIX) -- The sudden loss of a popular Denny's restaurant in Campbell has neighbors wondering if it signals big changes ahead in their neighborhood.

The restaurant was a fixture along Bascom Avenue for 45 years, but closed its doors for good on October 31st.

"Just today I was walking by going to a different place along the street when I stopped and said, 'Wait! What happened to the Denny's?'" said Pete, who works nearby.

There was no announcement. There is no note posted on the door. Just a vacant building and empty parking lot.

"At least I can go to other Denny's. But it was nice to have it along here, it was sort of traditional," Pete said.

KPIX tried to contact the Florida realty company which owns the property, but did not get a response.

The Campbell Chamber of Commerce has taken calls from concerned neighbors that
the city is losing too many affordable coffee shop diners.

The Hik'ry Pit across the street closed last year.

"The issue with Denny's, I don't know what the story is, but it could have been a lease negotiation," said President of the Campbell Chamber of Commerce Ken Johnson.

The Denny's sits on an acre of prime real estate. It's on the opposite corner from the Pruneyard shopping center, up the street from the popular shopping and dining district of downtown Campbell.

It's also part of an area that the city is rezoning to allow for more housing,
including affordable housing for teachers, first responders and service workers.

"If the goal is 3,000 units, that's going to impact the community in some way," Johnson said.

The city plans to reach out to neighbors and the Chamber has a webinar planned
for the business community on the city's master plan.

No one knows if the Denny's will become housing, a mixed-use development or some other kind of project. But neighbors worry it could be big, and that might affect the city's small-town feel.

"I think there's a chance this place could be Manhattan in ten years so I'd like to make sure the growth is the kind of growth we'd like to experience," said Robert, who lives in the neighborhood behind the Denny's.


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