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Subway To Pay Lawsuit Claims Over 'Footlong' Sub That's Just 11"

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Size does matter.

A class-action lawsuit over Subway's 'footlong' sandwiches that weren't really a foot long has been settled.

A Superior Court judge in New Jersey has ruled anyone who bought a footlong since 2003 is entitled to a cut of the money.

Only the 9 named plaintiffs will actually get any money, though. They'll get about $1000 each.

The lawsuit said the famous footlong sandwich was just 11.5 inches. The half footlongs were only 5.75 inches.

The case forced Subway paying enforce stricter rules when it comes to the actual length of their sandwiches. Stores now have actual rulers on hand to ensure the size of the sandwiches are what they claim to be.

Franchises who don't adhere to the breadmaking rules, risk losing their licenses.

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