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Students at Oakland middle school consume candy that may have contained illicit drugs

PIX Now Afternoon Edition 11-13-2023
PIX Now Afternoon Edition 11-13-2023 10:15

OAKLAND — A Westlake Middle School student in Oakland is believed to have given their classmates candy that possibly had illicit drugs in it on Monday, the Oakland Unified School District said.

The district said most of those who ate the candy bar only had a "small portion," but one student ate enough of it that they later reported feeling sick.

"Once we were alerted to the issue … we immediately started investigating, and called the families of all involved," the district said. "Several young people went home, and the rest stayed on campus and continued their day as normal."

The student who brought the candy is being addressed "appropriately," and the district is reminding parents to be aware of what their children have in their possession and what they are eating.

The district did not identify what drug may have been in the candy, but a concerned parent believes it may have been mushrooms.

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