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Student Suffers Seizure During Fight As Huge Crowd Watches, Records

LIVERMORE (KPIX 5) -- Two high school students started fighting as hundreds of students watched. One student hit her head on the ground, triggering a seizure.

It happened at Granada High School in Livermore.

And administrators are not only upset with those involved, but also those who just watched.

A video clip of the incident starts after the fight ended, but it shows hundreds of students gathered around.

Many of them witnessed the brawl, but no one stopped it at first, and many whipped out their phones.

Assistant Superintendent Chris Van Schaack said, "Here's an opportunity to step up and a lot of them didn't. And you feel like, disappointed is a good word. I would've thought better things would've happened."

Livermore police say a girl walked up to another girl, and started punching her in the face. They wrestled and fell to the ground. They say the first girl kept punching, but eventually got pulled away.

At some point during the scuffle, the second girl hit her head on the ground, which triggered a seizure.

Paramedics took her to Eden Medical Center where she was treated for her injuries.

Van Schaack is determined to turn the fight into a teachable moment, showing them "that when you're not intervening, you're also part of the problem."

The principal sent a letter home, asking parents and students to delete video and photos off social media, but students tell us it still appears on locked Instagram accounts.

Sophomore Berlin Faiaupau witnessed the fight and said as a school, they can do better, that violence is not the answer.

"I just saw her laying there and start having a seizure. It was the scariest thing I ever saw," Faiaupau said.

"I think it's really important for us as a school to learn from this that it's not acceptable. I think that it should bring us closer to realize that this is not the way to handle our issues," Faiaupau said.

The girl who got punched in the face and suffered a seizure is now out of the hospital and recovering at home.

The other girl was arrested and charged with felony battery.

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