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Stockton mayor gives parents of Kristin Smart key to the city

Kristin Smart’s parents receive Stockton’s Key to the City
Kristin Smart’s parents receive Stockton’s Key to the City 03:43

STOCKTON -- Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln on Thursday delivered the State of the City address at the Port of Stockton with approximately 800 community members and leaders in attendance.

The State of the City address is held once a year for the mayor to report the progress the city has made, discuss any statistics and share what the future holds for the next year.

Denise and Stan Smart
Denise and Stan Smart were recipients of Stockton's Key to the City, in honor of their decades-long push for justice for their daughter, Kristin. CBS

At the start of the address, hosted by the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln gave the "Key to the City" plaques to seven recipients, including the parents of Stockton native Kristin Smart.

Smart went missing her freshman year on the campus of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 1996 from her dorm room. Her killer was convicted last year in connection with her murder.

The couple received a standing ovation from the audience after accepting the award.

"First of all, I would have to say we were very surprised (about receiving the award) but as the mayor spoke today ... I realized that Kristin has not been forgotten," said Denise Smart, Kristin Smart's mother. "I think that's the most positive thing for me to have affirmed that all these people who stood up remember Kristin."

Lincoln's first point of discussion in his speech was housing and homelessness, a topic he said is one of the most complex issues that has plagued society for multiple generations but says will remain a priority.

According to Lincoln, in 2022 the city saw a 24 percent decline in the number of people accessing services who were experiencing homelessness, a 3 percent decrease in unsheltered homelessness in the city and a 16 percent reduction in first-time homelessness compared to the previous year.

Stockton Mayor State of the City Address
Stockton Mayor Kevin J. Lincoln gives his State of the City address at the Port of Stockton May 18, 2023. Harika Maddala/Bay City News

"I want everyone to understand that we are making positive progress in addressing the root causes of homelessness in Stockton through affordable housing initiatives, comprehensive services, and wrap-around support, ensuring that every resident has access to a safe and comfortable living environment," Lincoln said.

The city had 605 new housing units permitted, including 53 low-income units and 60 accessory dwelling units, in 2022.

Although homelessness rates have managed to decline in the last year, the city's homicide rate rose by 19 percent this year in comparison to 2022, according to Lincoln.

He called on the people of the city to remain vigilant, report any suspicious activities and participate in crime prevention.

Other statistics given by the mayor included that so far this year to date, 261 firearms have been seized, and that injury shootings were down 38 percent from last year.

"As a community, we must do better, and it starts at home. True change begins in the environments we find ourselves in every day," Lincoln said.

Other high points for the city included 9,978 pothole locations being filled this year, a 10 percent increase in population in the past decade, resulting in Stockton being the 11th largest city in California, and the issuing of 3,300 business licenses last year.

Additionally, the mayor said that in two weeks, a student worker program consisting of 300 youth and young adults is set to launch.

"We are listening, Stockton, and we will continue to be intentional about investing in the future of our city because by investing in our youth, we are cultivating a brighter future for our city," Lincoln said.

Before closing out the address, Lincoln encouraged everyone in attendance and watching from home to actively participate in shaping the future of the city.

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