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State Of The Union Spanish Translators Have Some Explaining To Do

(CBS SF) -- You don't have to speak Spanish to realize the subtitles for President Obama's State of the Union speech Tuesday night went horribly wrong.

Bloggers at Latino Rebels immediately noticed the closed-captioning was not only laden with spelling and grammar mistakes, but flew past the screen, requiring extreme speed reading skills to catch it when it actually made sense.

WORD CLOUD: See the State of the Union speech's most used words, in art form

The translation was a mix of all caps and lowercase letters, with many words repeating, and some translations simply incorrect.

obama subtitles 3
(Latino Rebels/YouTube)
subtitle 4
(White House/YouTube)
subtitle 5
(White House/YouTube)

Latino Rebels posted a video with an example of what Spanish speakers endured.

Subtitle Hell: #SOTU en español by Latino Rebels on YouTube

People on Twitter also responded with frustration, but mostly confusion.

The White House did post an official transcript in Spanish, a sign that multiple translators were all working Tuesday night.

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