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State Highway 1 repairs from storm damage won't be finished until Memorial Day

PIX Now afternoon edition 4-12-2024
PIX Now afternoon edition 4-12-2024 08:09

Initial repairs to state Highway 1 south of Rocky Creek Bridge in Monterey County won't be finished until Memorial Day, Caltrans officials said Friday. 

The March 30 landslide or "slip-out" closed the road temporarily, though motorists have been able to pass the area in the northbound lane in escorted convoys twice daily. 

Since then, "Caltrans has conducted geotechnical assessments, widened and improved drainage in the northbound shoulder area, placed concrete barriers along the centerline to channelize convoy passage, and hired a contractor to drill, install, and grout vertical rock dowels through the southbound lane pavement adjacent to the existing west edge of the roadway," the state agency said.

Once crews have stabilized the road sufficiently, likely by May 27, motorists will be able to move through the area with the help of a temporary traffic signal that will allow one-way traffic.

So far, there has been no estimate of when the repairs that would allow two-way traffic might be completed.

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