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State AG declines to charge former Windsor mayor accused of sexual assault

No charges filed against former Windsor mayor accused of sexual assault
No charges filed against former Windsor mayor accused of sexual assault 03:53

SANTA ROSA -- After California State Attorney General Rob Bonta decided not to file sexual assault charges against the former Windsor mayor Dominic Foppoli, some of the accusers and their attorneys spoke out against the decision at a Saturday news conference.

Bonta's office had recently said they "don't have enough evidence to warrant filing charges on the cases not barred by the statute of limitations."

Attorneys representing some of the women said 15 people have come out to accuse Foppoli of sexual assault. Four of them attended the news conference. Other women say they're dealing with different stages of healing and are still not comfortable with appearing on camera to tell their stories. A crowd of supporters also attended the event.

Accusers of Dominic Foppoli
Some of Dominic Foppoli's accusers and their attorneys spoke out against the decision not to charge the former Windsor mayor at a Saturday news conference in Santa Rosa. KPIX

Fighting back tears and raw emotions, Farrah Abraham questioned the attorney general's decision.

"I want to start out with a question. This has been so hard. How many rape victims does it take to get a rapist criminally charged?" Abraham asked.

Abraham, a Florida social media influencer, said Foppoli drugged and raped her in 2021.

"Reporting my rape will forever be one of the best decisions of my entire life and, if it prevents one other woman, child, man from being raped, this press conference will make all the difference in the world," Abraham said.

She said she initially experienced a lot of internal anguish and self-blame.

"Overcoming panic attacks, chronic body pain, completely going to rock bottom, depression, suicide -- I am really sad that I had to experience this and it affected all of my core beliefs," Abraham recounted.

She met three other women at the news conference who also accused the former Windsor mayor of sexual assault. One of the women spoke briefly.

"We are shocked that, even with the large number of women from all over the globe who have come forward, that this is still not considered enough for criminal conviction. We are horrified at the prospect of waiting for the next victim who may or may not have the courage to come forward," said Jane Doe, who declined to give her name.

"Money was never the focus. The focus was always getting a predator behind bars for the safety of others but, when the criminal justice fails, we find justice where we can get it," said attorney Traci Carrillo.

Carrillo is representing seven women in a civil case against Foppoli who is facing a total of three civil cases.

The former Windsor mayor resigned in 2021. He has always denied the allegations and he now lives in Italy. After the attorney general's decision, he recently said in a media report he may come back to the North Bay.

"It is not surprising to me that Mr. Foppoli thinks that he can come back and lead the same life that he was leading. In response to that, I hope he's watching because I hope he does come back because I'd like to talk to him," said attorney Spencer Kuvin, who is representing Abraham.

Abraham said she's still in therapy but wants to encourage other victims to come forward.

"The one thing that I did was I took myself out of the world for 28 days and I was put at a trauma center. And that was what helped me get back to where I'm at, to continue on to even be around men again. I did a 12-step program for relationships and I'm lucky to have a very supportive partner at this point in my life," Abraham said.

Attorneys said two of the civil cases against Foppoli are set to go to trial next year.

KPIX reached out Foppoli for comment but did not immediately hear back from him.

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