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Sponsor backs out of Oakland A's Fans' Fest 2024

Sponsor backs out of Oakland Fans' Fest 2024
Sponsor backs out of Oakland Fans' Fest 2024 02:25

OAKLAND -- Just days before Fans' Fest 2024 in Oakland, a major beer sponsor backed out of the event.

It's an event Oakland A's fans look forward to every year. Fanfest at the Coliseum meant it was almost time to play ball. This year the team didn't host the traditional event so the Oakland 68s teamed up with the Last Dive Bar to throw Fans' Fest 2024.

Now those fans want to know why event sponsor Drake's Brewing Company is walking out.

"Fans Fest is not an anti-Oakland A's event," said Anson Casanares with the Oakland 68s. "It's a celebration of Oakland sports. It's a celebration of our community. It's a celebration of local businesses."

When Drake's Brewing Company notified them the beer company was pulling out in what seemed like the bottom of the 9th inning, Casanares was disappointed.

"I felt that someone would have cold feet," he said. "It's just a shame that it would be Drake's."

Casanares says Drake's gave a very vague reason for backing out.

"'Due to unforeseen circumstances' which seems kind of fishy," he said he was told.

That left a lot of room for speculation on social media. Some even blasted the A's for putting pressure on the beer sponsor to skip the event.

An A's spokesperson denied the allegations saying, "The A's did not have any conversations with Drake's Brewery regarding their sponsorship of Fans Fest."

Although event organizers struck out on one vendor, others stepped up to the plate.

"It was a blessing in disguise honestly," Casanares said. "It felt like a trade. I mean they backed out. In return, Altamont stepped up, we got Canyon Club stepping up, we have Fieldwork."

The support didn't surprise organizers. They've seen how this community will rally until the very last out.

"That just shows the love people have for Oakland, the sports community, the city, the town," Casanares said. "They love the East Bay and we love to see it."

KPIX reached out to Drake's brewing but has not heard back.

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