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Sonoma County Voters Pass 18 Of 23 Measures, Including Ban On GMO's

SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) -- Voters in Sonoma County passed 18 of 23 measures in Tuesday's election. Four measures failed and one measure is still too close to call.

Healdsburg voters rejected Measure T, a moratorium on water fluoridation, until the completion of a toxicological and safety report. It needs 50 percent plus one vote to pass but 59 percent of voters rejected yet another study on the issue.

The city has had fluoride in its water since 1952, and a measure to continue fluoridation passed two years ago.

Healdsburg voters also defeated Measure R, which would increase inclusionary housing requirements on new developments to 30 percent and remove existing restrictions on the number of new residential units allowed per year. It needed a majority approval and received only 40 percent of the vote.

Cloverdale voters overwhelmingly approved Measure P, a 10 percent tax on any future marijuana businesses in the county's smallest city. It needed majority approval and got 74 percent.

Measure V, a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers in the city of Sonoma is too close to call. It needs majority approval and has 50.4 percent in favor and 49.6 against as of semi-final official results.

Voters in Sonoma County approved a one-eighth percent sales tax for 10 years for the regional library system's services that would provide $12 million a year. It needed two-thirds approval and received 71 percent.

Measure J, a half-cent sales tax for 10 years to restore and maintain Sonoma County Regional Parks in the unincorporated area is failing with about 64 percent approval. It needs two-thirds approval to pass.

Sonoma County voters approved Measure K which requires voter approval until December 2036 of changes in the General Plan that allow density and intense development in rural open space and agricultural lands in the community separators between its cities. It required majority approval and got 81 percent.

Cotati voters also approved an extension of its urban growth boundary for an additional 30 years. Nearly 70 percent of the voters approved Measure Q, which needed majority approval.

Voters approved an increase in the transient occupancy tax for overnight lodging in the county from nine to 12 percent. The $4 million annual increase is a tax for general government services including roads, workforce housing and emergency response. It required majority approval and received 68 percent.

Measure M, a ban on genetically engineered organisms in the unincorporated area of the county, passed with 56 percent. It needed majority approval.

Voters approved school bond or parcel tax measures in six of seven school districts. The parcel tax measure in the Wilmar School District in Petaluma is trailing with 63 percent of the vote today and needs two-thirds approval.

Santa Rosa voters approved Measure N which extends for eight years an existing quarter-cent tax that provides $8 million a year for police, fire protection and other city services. It received 72 percent approval.

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