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Solano Fairgrounds Vaccination Site Reopens for Booster Shots

VALLEJO (CBS SF) -- Another Bay Area County is rolling out its vaccination booster program, even though only one vaccine is currently approved for the booster shot. Wednesday was re-opening day at the Solano County Vaccination Hub. While traffic was a little slow today, health officials think once people know the site is open again, they will come.

"Well we would've gone to Kaiser, do you have an appointment later this month, but this way we can get in early," said Monique Louvigny. "And both of us can get done at the same time."

Louvigny, along with her father Henri, and his dog Olive, were among those eager to get their booster shots as soon as possible.

"Yes, yes," Louvigny said. "With the holiday season and lots going on, you just feel so much safer."

"We've been waiting to find out where we can get it and when we can get it, said Coleen Armstrong, who was also in with her husband for their boosters. "When she said here, 'we're here.'"

Health officials thought this site, the county fairgrounds, was the best way to convince the largest number of people that the booster process would be painless.

"We're trying to put all of our eggs in one basket," explained Ben Gammon, interim administrator for Solano County EMS. "We're trying to put all the resources right here, with staffing concerns, with all of our providers locally. I think that picking a central place in Solano County, and Vallejo, in between two major freeways, we showed last time but it was very easy for people to get in and get out of this
facility vaccinated."

"Might as well go ahead and complete the process," said Ed, another booster recipient. "Already got the first two here and I thought it was a relatively easy, in-and-out process."

Currently, the only booster shot available is Pfizer. When that changes, bigger crowds are expected.

"Yeah, we're really hoping on Moderna," Gammon says. "We get updates, and hopefully Medina gets on that list and we can add it to that. Because of the low numbers right now I have all three vaccines on site, so if people are interested in their first, second, or J&J, they can come on down."

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