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Solano County library remains open following cyberattack

PIX Now - Morning Edition 4/23/24
PIX Now - Morning Edition 4/23/24 10:59

Despite a cyberattack Wednesday, the Solano County Library remains open for patrons. 

Solano County Chief Information Officer Tim Flanagan confirmed that unexpected activity within the library's IT network disrupted the use of certain computer systems. 

"Upon learning of the activity, we responded quickly to confirm the security of our systems and to work toward restoring full functionality as soon as possible," Flanagan said. "We also separately commenced an investigation to understand the nature and scope of the activity." 

Flanagan said the library is working with third-party computer specialists to investigate the source of the activity and to confirm any system impacts.

"Our investigation into the activity causing the library network disruption is ongoing," he said. "Please note that we are monitoring for related unexpected activity elsewhere in the network, and at this time we have no evidence that the activity is occurring anywhere other than within library systems."

The Solano County Library operates an IT function that is independent from the centralized IT service for the rest of the county. The centralized IT team is now involved to assist the library with recovery and to ensure the rest of the Solano County network and systems are protected, Flanagan reported.

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