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Small business neighbors of Twitter hopeful as work-from-home ends

Small business neighbors of Twitter hopeful as work-from-home ends
Small business neighbors of Twitter hopeful as work-from-home ends 03:10

SAN FRANCISCO - Nearby business owners aren't happy to learn many at Twitter will be losing their jobs, but they hope the company's return to the office will give them a boost.

Katherine Chiao, the general manager of Kagawa-Ya, is uneasy about one of the changes, but is hopeful another will be good for her restaurant.

"It's not great that they are laying people off - I would never want anyone to lose their job," she said. "However, if they're going to do some management changes and require people to come back to work - even part time - that's great. Come have lunch with us."

Musk reportedly plans to lay off half of the people who work for Twitter and plans to bring employees back to the office, as Twitter employees have been able to work completely remotely for a while.

Chiao says even if people only came back 2-3 days a week, it would give her about at 50% boost in business. On top of that, she says more foot-traffic will make an immediate impact on the struggling neighborhood.

"If they require people to come back, then more people will visit bars and restaurants like myself," she said. "A little bit of activation on the streets would help us all."

Crispy Luppino's Natalini Flowers is a few doors down from Twitter HQ. She says she's looking forward to seeing new faces in her flower shop.

"I believe we are going to have a lot of walk-ins," she said.

With employees back in the office and walking around the neighborhood, there will be more people who pass by her flower shop.

"They pass by, they see the flowers, they stop for the flowers," she said.

Like many of her neighbors, she knows change can be hard. But she hopes anyone experiencing major changes can try and keep a positive outlook.

"Sometimes, it might be a blessing," she said. "Then you will see windows of opportunity."

For Chiao, it's a mixed-bag of emotions. The changes at Twitter will mean the beginning of a new and tough chapter for many people. However, the changes may help her close the curtain a bit on a tough chapter for her restaurant.

"It's really sad that they're going through these times because nobody wants to feel like their job is on the line," she said. "But, if they're required to come back, I'm all for it."

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