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SJSU Anti-Abortion Students Fight To Keep Abortion Pill Off Campus

SAN JOSE (KPIX) -- A controversial bill that will require college campuses to offer students the abortion pill could soon become law in California. But there is a group of San Jose State University students that's saying 'not on my campus.'

"I just can't imagine it honestly," said Miriana Miranda, Vice-President of Spartans for Life.

Miranda is in a fight to keep the controversial abortion pill off her campus.

"So many students don't know about it, that's why we're here," she said.

If passed, the law would require University of California and California State University health center to offer non-surgical abortion services by 2022.

Senator Connie Leyva who introduced the bill said, "College students should not have to delay medical care and travel many miles away from their work and school responsibilities to access to this constitutionally protected right."

"I feel horrible thinking that like my students my peers would go through this like in their dorms without anyone there to support them," said Miranda.

Anti-abortion clubs across CSU and UC campuses like the Spartans for Life here at SJSU led by Miranda and Ricky Silva disagree with the senator.

"It will basically be a recipe for disaster," said Silva.

The medication is given in two doses, with the last pill taken at home.

"Some have even died as a result of taking the abortion pill," said Silva. "Now imagine a woman taking the pill at her dorm room."

But some students argue it's their right to choose, whether it's off, or on campus.

"We should decide what we want to do with our body," said Celina Arranaga, another SJSU student. "It's our body. We should have complete, we should dictate what happens to us."

The bill passed the state Senate just a few weeks ago. It goes on to the Assembly in the Spring.

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