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Police Cadaver Dogs Search For Remains In Decades-Old Los Gatos Cold Case

LOS GATOS (KPIX 5) - The search for a body in a decades-old homicide case entered its second day in Los Gatos, as San Jose Police, the lead agency in the effort, brought in cadaver dogs to try and detect any trace of human remains.

"The San Jose Police Department's Homicide Unit is conducting follow-up investigation on a cold case homicide," according to a press release from SJPD, "We are not sharing additional details at this time to protect the integrity of the active investigation."

Acting on a tip, officers broke through the asphalt in the parking lot behind 53 N. Santa Cruz Avenue in downtown Los Gatos, early Tuesday, with work stretching into its second full day. As many two dozen officers, CSI technicians and detectives were seen sifting through the mound of dirt looking for evidence.

According to police sources, the case is decades-old, and had San Jose connections.

Wednesday's arrival of a cadaver dog marked the second day a K-9 was used to look for human remains. The dog spent just a few minutes at the main search area under a blue canvas awning. The results of the search are unknown.

"This is not the community you think cadaver dogs would be walking around. We have a lot of dogs walking around, but not cadaver dogs," said Mary Guercio of Los Gatos.

Pete Jillo, the owner of the adjacent business, Gardino's, said his restaurant had been at that location for 27 years.

"I would never imagine a body next door, it's crazy," said Jillo.

Neighbor Anthony Robinson lives about a hundred yards from the heart of the crime scene and hopes the case brings some closure for the victim's family.

"If they find something that helps them solve something that's been open for a long time, then that would be good for that family and for everybody else involved," said Robinson.

"Maybe somebody's mind will be put at ease here or something. Maybe it can end up being a good thing for somebody," said Linda Collins of Los Gatos.

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