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SJ Father-Son Suffer Huge Loss After Thieves Hit Haunted House Twice

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) -- At a haunted house, you expect ghosts and goblins to provide the scares, but in San Jose it's the things that go bump in the night that are causing the real spook.

The Bernal Scream outside the Oakridge Mall got hit by burglars on Wednesday, and then again Saturday morning.

"They're coming back to retrieve everything that's left," says co-owner Mike Barrera. "We have thousands of dollars in this show and it's sad that somebody is coming to take that from us."

What's left isn't a lot.

"We had speakers everywhere in this room. Here. There. A bunch of different places," says Mike.

Now they are gone. And what wasn't grabbed was ruined -- like the cables.

"They didn't know how to unhook them, so when they took the speakers they just shredded apart," he says.

What had been a backyard father-son project turned commercial this year. Abe Barrera put his life savings into it.

"We would do this year round if we could," says Abe.

Now there's a GoFundMe crowdfunding account to replace the stolen equipment and a need for 3000 more guests in 3 days to just break even.

"I think the community will come out and rally for us," says Abe. "We've been there paying it forward for years and we have a great community that we live in. I think they'll come out and support us."

The Bernal Scream haunted house is open from 7 p.m. To midnight through Monday. Admission is $20.

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