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Silent Disco Marks Reopening Of Revamped Dolores Park

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – After a lengthy renovation that cost millions of dollars, the north end of Dolores Park in San Francisco was reopened Thursday, as revelers celebrated with a silent disco party.

While it looked like a wild game of charades, a bunch of people jamming out in silence, they were actually listening to the music through wireless headphones.

"What am I feeling? Community and unity, dude. Like look at this, this is insanity. We're all on the same frequency listening to the same song, but quietly, not disturbing the peace whatsoever," said Christian Hadsell of San Francisco, who celebrated the reopening.

"Who's going to shut us down, who's going to complain, you guys are being too loud," Hadsell said.

Before it closed for a $20 million renovation, Dolores Park saw up to 10,000 visitors on any given weekend.

"The previous park didn't have the infrastructure to support that," said Sarah Ballard of SF Rec and Parl. "There weren't enough bathrooms, there weren't enough trash cans, and it was challenging to maintain given the irrigation and drainage."

Corrynn DeFrancesco of San Francisco didn't take long to figure out what the best part of the revamped park was. "The bathrooms are so nice. Before, they were really bad," DeFrancesco said.

Performance artists from The Moop Squad made sure to call out anybody littering.

"Yes we are trash shaming, actually I'm not ashamed about that either," said Sylvie Hitchcock, the group's founder.

These guys also heard announcements from Rec and Park every 20 minutes - reminding them between songs to keep Dolores clean.

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