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Sidewalk That Showed Movement Of Hayward Fault 'Fixed'

HAYWARD (KPIX 5) -- A chunk of sidewalk in Hayward that offered a visual reminder of the power of seismic faults has been 'fixed,' much to the dismay of scientists and locals.

The sidewalk had been pulled apart at the curb by years of movement along the Hayward fault. Scientists had been photographing the curb's movement since the 1970's.

A city crew carried out repairs to realign the curb some time in June.

KQED science blogger and Geologist Andrew Alden, who had been documenting the curbs movement over the years lamented the loss on Twitter.

"There are tripping hazards, where mobility is important, where we have a lot of pedestrian traffic. So this intersection was identified as one for retrofit," Hayward Assistant City Manager Kelly McAdoo told KPIX 5.

The corner of Rose and Prospect is just down the street from Jennifer Kenyon's house, who also has cracks that are growing as the Hayward fault huffs and puffs.

"Terrifying when there's an earthquake. I can hear it before I feel it. Especially in my house because it is very old," Kenyon said.

The Hayward fault runs below Berkeley, Hayward, Oakland and Fremont.  Scientists believe it is due for a major quake in the near future.


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