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Sideshows Continue In Oakland Despite Police Crackdown

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) -- A sideshow at Market and Adeline in North Oakland was caught on video Sunday night.

The video taken by Rae McKellop shows a passenger dangling dangerously out of the side window as a car performs donuts. Another scene shows two men standing in the middle of the donut, as the car barely misses hitting them.

Oakland Sideshow
Cars drifting, throwing thick tire smoke in the air as a crowd watches Photo: Rae McKellop

Neighbors tell us the sideshow developed quickly. Police arrived in the area within about 10 minutes.  But the cops told KPIX 5 their first step was blocking off intersections, staying on the edge of the action and waiting for backup to come.

This weekend, Oakland police put it out on social media that they have assigned special patrols specifically to try to deter sideshows and clear them out as they happened.

They found Sunday's sideshow activity around 6:45 pm and by 7 p.m., the police helicopter was flying overhead, shining a light down on some of the cars as the sideshow dispersed.

Nobody was injured this time and no arrests were made at the scene.

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