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Showdown Looms Over Sausalito Homeless Encampment

SAUSALITO (KPIX 5) -- People living in a Sausalito homeless encampment are running out of time. The city ordered them to leave by Tuesday but many said they will fight the eviction order.

About 35 people live at the Dunphy Park encampment, right next to the waterfront. Some of them are former boaters who anchored in Richardson Bay and were ousted from the water.

Homeless Camp at Dunphy Park in Sausalito
Homeless camp at Dunphy Park in Sausalito. (CBS)

Michael Ortega, his wife and their toddler son used to live on a boat until it was damaged recently. Now they call Dunphy Park their home.

"My son has really enjoyed the camp, getting to know people and just having space to be able to bike around," Ortega said.

On Friday, the city served a notice asking him and others to clear out by Tuesday.

"I'm worried that they're just going to come and destroy everything after the three-day notice," Ortega said.

Sausalito Homeless Camp
Homeless encampment in Dunphy Park, Sausalito. (CBS)

"These rich people up here don't want to look at us, that's the bottom line," said Riley O'Reilly as she pointed toward the million-dollar homes on a hill above the encampment. O'Reilly has been camping in the park for a few months.

City leaders say they need to clear out the site to finish a construction project. The encampment occupies both public and private land and the property owner wants it out. The city is asking the occupants to move to a new site a mile north at Marinship Park.

Some neighbors agree that's a better site.

"They set up storage for them (the campers)," said neighbor John Macleod. "There's actually a public restroom right there so they have better access to public facilities. I think that's probably a good interim solution. It's not a long-term solution. Longterm, they should try to figure out how to get housing for them."

About eight people have already moved to Marinship Park but others plan to fight eviction.

"We will be making a stand. Not moving, not moving," said Robbie Powelson.

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