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Short Circuit Caused Pacific Heights Muni Bus Crash That Injured Driver

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- San Francisco Muni inspectors have figured out why a bus rear-ended a parked truck in Pacific Heights earlier this week, injuring the operator.

The operator of the 3-Jackson bus involved in Monday's crash tried the foot brake and the emergency brake, but the propulsion system didn't receive those inputs because of a short circuit. Muni spokesman Paul Rose says it was a rare and isolated problem. But its occurrence in one of the 13-year-old electric trolleys due for replacement starting next year has prompted Muni to remind its operators of how to cut power, and what to do if a bus enters restrictive mode.

"Restrictive mode is very similar to a check engine light. We ask our operators to pull over, contact central control, and they'll send help immediately," Rose said.

Rose says even though San Francisco's 273 electric trolleys are being phased out, that's a move to improve reliability, not in response to any safety problem.

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