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Shooting into Berkeley apartment leads to hours-long standoff

PIX Now Afternoon Edition 12-5-23
PIX Now Afternoon Edition 12-5-23 09:14

BERKELEY — A shooting into a Berkeley apartment set off an hours-long standoff on Monday, with police arresting a woman who arrived to the scene and tried to force her was past officers, police said.

Around 10:11 a.m., someone reported that a single shot was fired into an apartment on the 2400 block of Eighth Street.

Officers arrived at the scene and soon found the apartment where the bullet was fired. According to police, a man, juvenile and six pit bulls were in the apartment.

Police identified the man as Tyreece Stitts. Officers tried to contact Stitts, but a five-hour long standoff ensued.

Stitts eventually left the home; he and the juvenile were placed into custody, police said. Officers searched the home after obtaining a warrant and found an AR-15-style ghost gun and loaded high-capacity magazines.

Police also said the home was in "complete disarray, was uninhabitable, and was not a safe environment for the juveniles residing there."

Stitts was taken to the hospital "for medical reasons," and he is still under investigation in connection to the shooting.

During the standoff, a woman named Princess Dennis arrived at the scene and allegedly tried to force her way past police. She was detained and later arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, possession of an assault weapon, possession of large capacity magazines and resisting arrest.

Police are still investigating the shooting, but said DNA evidence they collected at the scene will be helpful.

The six pit bulls were taken by Berkeley Animal Control.

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