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Shaking Continues Near South Napa Earthquake Epicenter With 8 New Tremors In Last 24 Hours

AMERICAN CANYON (CBS SF) - Seismic activity continues more than four days after a magnitude 6.0 earthquake rocked the southern end of Napa County on Sunday. Between Wednesday morning and day break Tuesday the USGS reports eight more aftershocks hit the region, which runs along the border with Solano County.

The largest of the eight small quakes measured just 2.6 on the Richter Scale, much smaller than the largest aftershock: a 3.9 magnitude which hit Tuesday. All of the recent shaking registered at least a 1.5 magnitude, but none carried the strength to cause significant damage.

It was feared, in the immediate aftermath of Sunday's quake, that 6.0 shaker could set off 5.o or larger aftershocks, or potentially trigger a larger earthquake. That likelihood continues to diminish with each passing day, but minor to moderate aftershocks will likely continue for another week or more.

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