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SF's Super Bowl Singles Scenes

Sure, you want to watch the Super Bowl. Sports bars are fun! But you are by no means a die hard fan, warming up your 49ers jersey and your screaming voice. You simply want to watch the game with a cool crowd, in a cool bar and maybe, meet a cool guy. These are our picks for the big game's popular parties.

Public House
Frankie Frankeny,

Located directly under AT&T Park, Public House is a modern and massive sports pub designed to be a year-round destination for great sports watching, especially if you consider great sports watching TV screens perfectly and professionally wedged between huge walls of beer kegs. Public House is full of cocktails, full of good food (and a wonderful menu by chef Traci Des Jardins), full of 22 televisions, 24 beers on tap and full of good looking people, glued to each other and the game. This is the place to be for every major sporting event, and sure to fill up fast. Book a table in advance, or show up on the early side if you're counting on a seat. Unless, of course, your outfit looks better standing at the bar.

Momo's near AT&T Park in San Francisco (Momo's)

Most popular for their outdoor dining and drinking decks, Momo's is the pre-dot com trendy sports bar, making it the granddaddy of cool spots to watch the big game. With bars inside and out and an upscale snacking menu, Momo's is the go-to place of San Franciscans looking for just as much people watching as game watching.

Pete's Tavern

In the ballbark bar 'hood, you're going to need options. Or you might just want to hop from spot to spot, checking out the scenes at Public House, Momo's, Cantina, Tres Agaves. Filling out the game time triangle is Pete's Tavern. Picture a relatively classy frat house turned into a huge bar filled with friendly alumni. And you've got Pete's Tavern. The barbeque on the menu is pretty great, but the huge horseshoe bar is where you want to be...seen.
Half sports bar, half restaurant, the Brick Yard has a lot to offer. Along this stretch of Union Street, amidst the rowdy, drunken high-five-fests, you'll find a bright, friendly, more mature vibe at the Brick Yard. With more than enough televisions, including a movie screen cracked open for the truly big games, the Super Bowl is sure to be in full swing at this Marina hot spot. Try the sliders and the mac and cheese, if you're looking to snack. And if you meet the love of your life/night, you might consider closing the deal with "The Closer," featuring Ketel One, mixed berry puree, fresh lime and agave.
The Brixton

If the notoriously popped-collar Marina bar scene had a rock-star cousin, it'd be the Brixton. Certainly no dive bar, this big, clean space has a manufactured edge that helps you feel slightly hipper than the obvious spots nearby. Order up a Gin Basil Rickey or a giant Bloody Mary and make some rockin' new friends.


When developing this list, all of our male co-workers lit up at the mention of Yancy's. Parked on popular Irving Street since the beginning of time, Yancy's has a fabulous old school, quirky vibe (think fake plants) while still attracting a fun, young crowd. While there's no food menu, you're more than welcome to bring outside food into Yancy's, making the burrito joint next door especially popular. If you're in the Sunset, this is where I'd head for a fun Super Bowl screening.


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