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SFPD's 2018 Safety Stats Show Significant Drop In Violent Crimes, Auto Thefts

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- San Francisco Police Department released the year-end public safety statistics for 2018 on Thursday evening and they reflected significant drops in violent crimes, particularly gun violence.

The data was released by the department's CompStat Profile. The department credited the drop to a "comprehensive, data-driven public safety strategy" that increased the visibility of officers in crime hot spots around San Francisco.

Notable results from the report are:

  • 18 percent drop in homicides
  • 37 percent drop in homicides by firearms
  • 30 percent drop in non-fatal shootings
  • 3 percent drop in aggravated assaults
  • 17 percent drop in vehicle burglaries
  • 13 percent drop in auto thefts
  • 10 percent drop in larceny theft

Police also seized 1,276 firearms in 2018, which was a 25 percent increase over 2017. The report found that the overall amount of gun violence in the city dropped to its lowest rate since 2013.


"Though we are encouraged by our year-end numbers, one life lost is one life too many," said SFPD Chief Bill Scott in the official statement.

"Through close collaboration with our community-based anti-violence partners and the establishment of our Crime Gun Investigations Center, we saw a decrease in gun-related violence last year. Reducing all violent crime remains our top priority, and we are committed to smart strategies and partnerships that will continue to enable us to provide safety with respect for everyone who lives in, works in or visits San Francisco."

SFPD expanded its foot patrol strategy to focus on crime deterrence and quicker response times as well as more engagement with the community. A UC Berkeley study in 2018 found that this change led to a significant decrease in assaults and thefts.

SFPD in 2017 doubled its citywide uniformed foot patrols and, with the direction and support of Mayor London Breed, greatly increased foot patrols in U.N. Plaza and in the Mid-Market corridor last year in response to numerous quality of life issues.

The entire database of SFPD CompStat reports can be read here.

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