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SF Teachers Angry Over Missing Paychecks Confront Superintendent

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) -- A payroll error has some teachers in San Francisco upset and angry after going without their paychecks for weeks.

A group of teachers rallied Monday in front of San Francisco Unified School District headquarters on Franklin Street to show their frustration over the missing or incorrect paychecks.

The problem was traced to a new payroll and human resources system from vendor Infosys, that has been fouling up employee paychecks since the beginning of the year.

"The last check was almost right, except I was low about $200. The one before that I think I got paid for 28 out of 80 hours," said paraeducator Sean Nunley

After a rally out front, the crowd went inside to the third floor of SFUSD armed with letters and sleeping bags, ready to spend the night to talk to Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews and others.

The superintendent eventually showed up and began with an apology.

"There is no way that any of you should have had to come down here with sleeping bags to say 'pay us,' that just shouldn't happen," said Dr. Matthews.

UESF union president Cassondra Curiel says the problems must be fixed by the Wednesday pay period.

"I know that you're saying that hundreds of people got their checks and we're saying there are still hundreds more. We are at an escalation point that cannot be undone. Folks are going to incur these late fees over and over and over again. They have to be paid now," said Curiel.

Dr. Matthews said 15 extra district employees are now trying to get teachers paid and sort out the Infosys mess. Curiel is dubious.

"To hear that the system is getting fixed, there is just so much trust lost in the system itself and how it operates that it's just one of those situations that you're only going to believe it when you see it. But, we can't rely on that - we can't wait to believe our paycheck is going to come," she said.

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