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SF Supervisor Calls For Higher Double-Parking Fines

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)—A San Francisco city supervisor will call for a hearing on Tuesday for higher fines for double parking and more enforcement of laws against vehicles that block traffic.

"We have an epidemic of double parking in San Francisco." Supervisor Scott Wiener said. "Regular vehicles, commercial vehicles, cabs, are causing traffic jams, blocking the bike lane, blocking Muni buses."

SF Supervisor Calls For Higher Double Parking Fines

Now he's calling for a Supervisors' hearing to determine what the city's transportation department is doing. Meanwhile, he has an idea—a higher fine for blocking Muni buses, which is a particular pet peeve for Wiener.

"When you have a bus or an LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) that is stuck and can not get around a double-parked vehicle, that fine should be higher because you're inconveniencing not just the cars behind you but potentially 30, 40 or 50 people who are on that bus," he said.

The fine now is $110 and the state would have to approve an increase. Last year, 22,000 citations for double parking were issued in the city.

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