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SF Says 'Rogue' E-Scooter Company Go-X Used Fake Permits To Operate Illegally

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- A San Francisco e-scooter company is accused of making up its own fake permits to operate on city streets.

The company Go-X disagreed with accusations. City officials said Go-X was "nothing more than a Rogue company."

The city attorney's office said Go-X is operating illegally with the fake permits, which feature the city's seal. The city sent a cease and desist letter to Go-X on Tuesday, ordering it to shut down operations by Jan. 18.

The company also owes more than $200,000 in unpaid fines from 540 citations for operating without a permit and putting scooters in the public right of way, the attorney's office said.

The company also gained an unfair advantage over competitors who abided by the SFMTA's Powered Scooter Share Permit program.

Go-X CEO Alex Debelov said he was surprised and disheartened by the letter and that his goal from day one was to always act in accordance with local rules and regulations.

Go-X said the company parks scooters at businesses--mostly hotels, rather than on curbs. He has partnered with 75 businesses and shares revenue from the rides in exchange for space to park.

Debelov says he has been in touch with city agencies and he wants to get authorization from the city to keep operating.

In a statement Tuesday night, Go-X said, "Go-X worked with Chamber of Commerce to create pivate scooter rental permits and has received their explicit permission to use their seal on all of the permits."

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