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San Francisco Police Chief Condemns 'Disgraceful' Rowdiness Following Giants World Series Win

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- San Francisco's police chief Thursday condemned those who disrupted the street celebrations of the Giants World Series win, saying it was shameful that three police officers had to be hospitalized because of attacks during the impromptu street parties.

Chief Greg Suhr said he encountered a lot of "jerks" out on the streets during the revelry following the Game 7 win over the Kansas City Royals and was even struck in the leg himself by a bottle. Suhr said he wasn't hurt, but other officers and members of the public were not as fortunate.

"Having been in these situations many, many times, there were as many bottles thrown at police officers last night as I can remember," Suhr said, adding that one officer reported being hit three times over the course of the night.

"The worst spots that we had were down by the ballpark and out in the Mission, and it's just disgraceful that they just don't get it."

SF Police Chief Condemns Post-World Series Rowdiness

Nevertheless the celebrations after the San Francisco Giants clinched their third title in five years were for the most part peaceful, he acknowledged, noting that problems in those two areas were caused by probably fewer than a hundred people.

"There were those few and it probably numbered somewhere around a hundred," Suhr said.

In all, 40 people were arrested Wednesday and early Thursday morning, Suhr said, mostly for drinking in public. There were also several felony arrests for outstanding warrants, aggravated assaults and battery.

Nine police cars were damaged and several private businesses got tagged with graffiti. Suhr said the city fared much better on Wednesday than it did in 2012 when a Muni bus was burned Suhr praised first responders for doing such a great job, saying the advance planning paid off.

"We've gotten a lot of practice at this," he said.

Police are getting ready for a crowd of two million expected to pack Market Street for the Giants victory parade from the Embarcadero to City Hall at 12 p.m. Friday.

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