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SF Planning Commission Approves New Bike Parking Plan

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - Bicyclists in San Francisco may soon find it a lot easier to find a parking space for their two-wheelers.

The San Francisco Planning Commission on Thursday approved a plan to increase bicycle parking in both residential and commercial areas of the City. The next stop for the bike parking plan: the full Board of Supervisors.

SF Planning Commission Approves New Bike Parking Plan

San Francisco already requires that bike parking be made available in some city buildings and parking garages, but the new edict establishes a minimum number of spaces in all new commercial buildings, with the number depending on the type of commercial use of the building. Spaces for bicycles would also be required in most new residential structures.

"This planning code will help allow future buildings to meet the demands for all of the people who are already riding and the even more people who will continue to ride," said Marc Caswell, program manager of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

"This is a very, very important issue for a lot of people who are trying to just have a safe place to keep their bike during the day and get to work," he added.

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